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What kind of antiques do people in your part of the nation take pleasure in? Having actually just moved to northern Alabama from Dallas, it is fascinating to me to see the differences in what individuals like. Dallas is such a European city when it comes to antiques. It is nearly difficult to offer American antiques and collectibles in Dallas. Nearly everything is French or english in origin.

The name of my store in Dallas was London Market Antiques to catch the love affair with English antiques. Other stores had names reflecting their French antiques. They were even specific about the design. In the 90's, furnishings with Queen Anne legs were popular. After the brand-new centuries, you might not give Queen Anne away.

We need to keep our expectations in check. In other words, be realistic. Do not anticipate to get what mother paid for the couch, and don't think everything you hear. Grandma extolled her china for many years saying it was very important, just to find that her set is just worth $300. How could that be? Grandma said it was worth $2,500.

Much of what is sold as Oak is in fact Elm the two are so comparable in grain, texture and composition. Pine is typically associated more with Primitives and nation antika. The dark wood on the stylish and really refined pieces are usually Walnut and on later pieces Mahogany. You'll discover Cherry on the much better pieces also, specifically where an extremely tough wood is needed for building.

If you in fact like the pieces, collecting anything is much simpler. The very first idea is to discover something that you actually like and pick that as a beginning point. It could be paintings, furniture and even tiny thimbles. As long as it is something that you would wish to be surrounded by in years to come, then it is worth gathering. The fantastic part about gathering antiques is that no 2 collections are the same. The kinds of items can be so varied, you might practically choose anything to collect. Some people collect particular types or brand names of antiques, whilst others may wish to re-kindle their affections with pieces from their childhood. Have a look around your house. It might be that you have numerous products that might begin you on the road to your first collection.

There are endless possibilities. For example yard sale, estate sales and flea lands. There is ignored priceless product to be had. In the hills of Kentucky we see lots of treasures in old barns; old horse-drawn website rakes, harnesses, vehicles, tractors and a lot more.

Both these service choices have their cons and pros. Before you decide whether to do a start-up or purchase an existing auction home, attempt to talk with a number of other auction owners. You might be amazed by their determination to share their insights and experiences with you.

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